a global music management, label and digital distribution company



Based out of the UK and established in 2001 Doublemono are a global music management, label and digital distribution company.


We are passionate about music.

We are committed to integrity in all that we do – And that means honesty in communication and delivering on all that we promise

We understand that the business exists to make a profit – But we make that profit by the best means that we can not by any means that we can

We believe that no-one wins unless we all do 

We are surrounded by partners who help in all manner of ways

We treat each other as family




The company was founded by Philip Tennant in 2001. Previously Philip was a record producer and mixer and sold over 20 million albums. From 2001 he has created a modern music management company that is now almost entirely digital facing. Doublemono is partnered with The Orchard for global distribution and, together with our marketing teams, has direct relationships with all the major DSPs including Spotify, Apple, Amazon, TIDAL, Deezer, etc. The company also works with many sync partners around the world and has been highly effective in securing high value and highly visible syncs across feature films, TV and advertising.

Contact: philip@doublemono.com



Past and PRESENT


Alberta Cross

Dr Joe

Emmy The Great

Diego Gary & Petter Stakee

Fionn Regan


Hunting The Minotaur

Magic Magic


Mike Scott

Pale Seas


Pixie Lott

Richard Fairlie

The Waterboys